Who wrote it?

Who wrote Back To The Book?

This is a very good question. An AA member actually typed the letters on the computer and formatted the documents, but the word “wrote” has authorship connotations and he can hardly take credit for authoring the information.

Most of what is in Back To The Book can be credited to Joe and Charlie. Neither has read the document or endorse it as their own work, but what is in the document is pretty close to what Joe and Charlie have said in many locations across the world in their Big Book Seminars and Workshops.

Wally P. had almost as much to do with it since it was his capturing of the early AA beginners meetings published in his book “Back To Basics” that gave us the idea of taking people through the Twelve Steps in four weekly meetings.

Just as the book Alcoholics Anonymous is the shared experience of the first 100 people to recover using the AA method, Back To The Book is the shared knowledge of applying the AA recovery program that is in the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous.

Although many people have given us feedback and suggestions along the way I would like to say a special thank you to Brad F. who passed away in late 2008. While we were working on Back To The Book he stayed after the meeting, for hours sometimes, each week while we edited. It was a very important part of getting many kinks worked out while ideas were fresh on our minds from the meeting.

Thank you, Brad.